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  • You will be able to request it from the moment of admission until the moment of discharge. (Note: no invoice can be issued after discharge, since they are invoiced at the moment in general public)

  • If an invoice is required, billing data will be requested at the admission of your hospitalization to the person in charge of the patient. 

  • You will receive your printed invoice at the time of settling the account in the cash area. We also send it to you by email or WhatsApp.

  • You can divide the account into several invoices if you wish (in two natural persons e.g.: two siblings, or between a natural person and a moral person), however, the concept will be unchanged with the name of the patient who received the treatment.

  • The doctors' bill of fees must be sent by each of them. The hospital is not responsible for sending invoices to treating doctors.

  • You cannot change the concept of the invoice and the patient’s name will appear.


Questions? billing fees and/or hospital

642 422 1026 ext. 102 and 105.

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